Transgenderism: An Incoherent Justification

This article originally appeared in Biola's Intercollegiate Studies Institute's magazine, Counterpoint. I wrote this article to provoke Christians and Secularists to consider that our impasse in transgender policy is found in our impasse in understanding the transgender position. As clarity in writing is only preceded by clarity of thought, so I believe clarity in public … Continue reading Transgenderism: An Incoherent Justification


1st High School Sermon – Proverbs 5

I was requested to step-in and teach at the high school ministry while the youth pastor was at camp teaching for the middle school ministry. A few things should be taken into account. First, what is below is almost verbatim of what was spoken during the teaching. While there were times when I went off-script … Continue reading 1st High School Sermon – Proverbs 5