The 500 Gods Argument

A few weeks ago the CSU Sacramento Ratio Christi club, a club I co-founded, hosted Dr. Licona and Dr. McCormick for a discussion on the topic "Jesus:History or Mistake?" (here) During that debate, Dr. McCormick presented "The 500 Gods Argument". A slide was presented with the names of 500 different gods that people throughout history … Continue reading The 500 Gods Argument


At Least I Didn’t Kill Anyone.

A few years ago I had a professor who was particularly fond of going the extra mile to make his students look like idiots. His methods weren’t so much unjust as they were without mercy. “Did you not read the assignment?” he would ask. “Oh,” he would continue, “if you didn’t read the assignment, then … Continue reading At Least I Didn’t Kill Anyone.