Analysis of the Book of James

The "longer" method of a book analysis is aimed to present a clear and concise outline of a book's major themes and ideas as they appear in each verse and extend through each paragraph and chapter. While I never prefer the long-winded sentence over the short, this method emphasizes the big picture. In this "longer" … Continue reading Analysis of the Book of James


Wisdom from those approaching death – BJ Miller

B.J. Miller is a palliative care physician at the University of California, San Francisco. Having guided or been involved with over one-thousand deaths, he provided Tools for Titan's author, Tim Ferriss, three pieces of wisdom from those who were approaching death: be willing to let yourself go, find joy in the small and mundane activities … Continue reading Wisdom from those approaching death – BJ Miller

Transgenderism: An Incoherent Justification

This article originally appeared in Biola's Intercollegiate Studies Institute's magazine, Counterpoint. I wrote this article to provoke Christians and Secularists to consider that our impasse in transgender policy is found in our impasse in understanding the transgender position. As clarity in writing is only preceded by clarity of thought, so I believe clarity in public … Continue reading Transgenderism: An Incoherent Justification

Holocaust fades from America’s Memory

The world of journalism has fallen into the nasty habit of telling and now showing. Such-and-such an event happened on such-and-such a day. Such-and-such people said such-and-such things, and, if you could believe it, such-and-such person responded in such-and-such away, calling for such-and-such an action. Journalism, at least modern journalism, has really become just such-and-such … Continue reading Holocaust fades from America’s Memory