Ronald Reagan: 40th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion

Standing on the very spot on the northern coast of France where Allied soldiers had stormed ashore to liberate Europe from the yoke of Nazi tyranny, President Ronald Reagan spoke these words to an audience of D-Day veterans and world leaders. They were gathered at the site of the U.S. Ranger Monument at Pointe du … Continue reading Ronald Reagan: 40th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion


Gender Preferences can affect Income

The second article I've published for The Chimes, Biola's undergraduate student newspaper. This article originally appeared here. The content emphasis is similar to my previous article. However, I was focusing more on clarity. Next article will shift away from informative opinion to more controversial opinion. We'll see how that turns out. All suggestions concerning style … Continue reading Gender Preferences can affect Income

DACA—Immigration policy limits political solutions

Below is an article I originally wrote for The Chimes, the Biola University student newspaper. It is hopefully the first of many more articles to come. It was a rocky first start, dealing with a new journalistic writing style, AP formatting, and struggles with clarity. But, as any writer worth his weight in gold will … Continue reading DACA—Immigration policy limits political solutions