1st High School Sermon – Proverbs 5

I was requested to step-in and teach at the high school ministry while the youth pastor was at camp teaching for the middle school ministry. A few things should be taken into account. First, what is below is almost verbatim of what was spoken during the teaching. While there were times when I went off-script … Continue reading 1st High School Sermon – Proverbs 5


Hermeneutic Essentials – Lesson V

Lesson V Learning to Pray through the Psalter. “It is not that every sentiment expressed by a psalmist is admirable, but that in praying the Psalms, we confront ourselves as we really are. The Psalms are a reality check to keep prayer from becoming sentimental, superficial, or detached from the real world.”― Richard H. Schmidt The … Continue reading Hermeneutic Essentials – Lesson V