Profits without Honor, Part I by Thomas Sowell

A spectacular article by economist Dr. Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institute. In the article below, Dr. Sowell discusses two main points: Moral indignation expressed by the left, by the mere presence of profit, is not only inconsistent to the rampant profits gained by professional atheletes, but also inconsistent in their ability to define what constitutes immoral, … Continue reading Profits without Honor, Part I by Thomas Sowell


Proverbs 5: Book Chart

A few notes on this project that I learned: Wisdom is portrayed in very much the "Learn from me and save the trouble or learn the hard way by experiencing the trouble." This Book Charting method only works for chapters, such as Proverbs 5, that contains a single, extended thought. Not all of Proverbs has … Continue reading Proverbs 5: Book Chart