Transgenderism: An Incoherent Justification

This article originally appeared in Biola's Intercollegiate Studies Institute's magazine, Counterpoint. I wrote this article to provoke Christians and Secularists to consider that our impasse in transgender policy is found in our impasse in understanding the transgender position. As clarity in writing is only preceded by clarity of thought, so I believe clarity in public … Continue reading Transgenderism: An Incoherent Justification


Solution for Orange County’s Homeless

This article was originally written for the Orange County Register and later forwarded to the Orange County Board of Supervisors. While I am unsure what will become of this proposal, I hope it serves to provide an initial alternative to many of the competing, yet devastating, policies. The trouble facing every temporary government solution is … Continue reading Solution for Orange County’s Homeless

Holocaust fades from America’s Memory

The world of journalism has fallen into the nasty habit of telling and now showing. Such-and-such an event happened on such-and-such a day. Such-and-such people said such-and-such things, and, if you could believe it, such-and-such person responded in such-and-such away, calling for such-and-such an action. Journalism, at least modern journalism, has really become just such-and-such … Continue reading Holocaust fades from America’s Memory

Sexual assault display uses questionable statistics

The first of my final two articles for The Chimes this semester. This article, originally posted here, is more concerned with the university's politics, so I understand that it may be for a narrower audience. However, I believe the take-away points are universally helpful.   “There are lies, damned lies and statistics,” the well-known American … Continue reading Sexual assault display uses questionable statistics

A debate troll shares five principles to win every debate

My first satire piece for The Chimes, originally published here. These principles are a small collection of debate strategies I've come against in either competitive debate or online/social media discussions. If we can't avoid them, at least we can make fun of them. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, especially if you've ran into any … Continue reading A debate troll shares five principles to win every debate